About me


At a young age I decided to start my online life. Back to ZodzVTM in 2004; my first blog where I wrote about video games, consumer tech and music.

Shortly after that, I decided to start my first podcast, with a low budget production and an entry level microphone, I begun sharing my ideas trough my voice.

While I had Zodz and the podcast, I was able to connect with amazing people in my life. My friend @lalcaraz has been probably the most important connection I made, not only he is one of my best fiends, but to this day, he is a partner in business and projects.

One of the first projects we started together was VidaEnLinea. A blog to talk about consumer tech, we attended the CES several occasions, back then, we were among the firsts who did a live broadcast from the exhibition floors.

Another important project we had/have, is Openradiux. We started as online radio hosts for El NoticiEMO, shortly after, we got offered the management for the station. Due to several factors, the project decayed and we had to eventually let it go. In December 2017, we bought the name from the former owner. To this day, Openradiux.com is back on-line again.

While doing all of this stuff, I was still attending high school. I have always loved cooking and the hospitality industry, so for my university education I decided to go with a Bachelor in Culinary.

During this period of time, I discovered my love for pastries and desserts, I focused my last year of education on working on my chocolate and pastry skills, that got me into pursuing a more in-depth training in this field, so I decided to travel to Canada to study Baking and Pastry Arts.

I strive to keep learning, now in the IT and Audio Production fields.

Please feel free to take a look at my portfolios. From decadent pastries, to photo shoots, video interviews, audio editing all the way to app development.

Thank you for stopping by!